Welcome to Grace

Equipping disciples who make disciples



  • Bible Fellowship
  • Worship Gathering
  • GraceCon Picnic

Due to approaching inclement weather we have cancelled our scheduled meetings for this weekend. 


Following Jesus brings us together

You weren't meant to trudge through life alone. God created us for community and we want to walk with you on the path God is leading you on.

Retirees, mountain-bikers, retail salespeople, landscapers, stay-at-home moms...

Grace Church is normal people with unique backstories. Following Jesus brings us together to worship God and serve Ocala. We are disciples of Jesus equipping disciples to make disciples. 

Current Teaching Series

We understand what God wants for our lives when we listen closely to what He has already said. Each Sunday our pastors teach from the Bible.

We're currently in a series called The Test which explores how we can read the book of James and apply it to our lived every day of the week. Join us this Sunday!


What has God done in your life? We want to celebrate your story and praise God for the incredible work He continues to do each day.