December 2018 Financial Report (Year End)

Summary to Date

2018 Budget Projected to Date

Giving (Income): $20,800.00

Local Ministry (Expense): $5,500.00

Building & Operations (Expense): $11,000

Personnel (Expense): $4,500.00

Total Projected Income: $20,800.00
Total Projected Expense: $21,000
Total Projected Balance -$200

2018 Actual to Date for December (year end)

Giving (Income): $20,082.10

Local Ministry (Expense): $6,053.53

Building & Operations (Expense): $10,967.77

Personnel (Expense): $4,813.66*

Total Actual Income: $20,082.10
Total Actual Expense: $21,834.96
Total Actual Balance - $1,752.86**

*This does not include $4,600 for a study trip the Sebring Elders have voted to pay for out of savings. With this extra expense YTD Personnel expense is $9,413.66

**YTD Actual Balance after study trip mentioned above -$6,352.86. Overages will be paid out of savings.


We are a campus of Grace Church of Sebring and are administrated by them. As such our budget is built in to their budget. To see the whole document click the link below. Items related to Grace Church of Ocala have been marked with green. Items referring to Pastor Todd McQueen have been transferred to Pastor Michael Lockstampfor without adjustment. If you have any questions please email