2019 Budget Proposal

As we look forward to the work God will do in Ocala through Grace Church in 2019 we’re taking a few minutes to make a financial plan for the year. We want to share this with you because we’re planning to make some increases.

Grace Church of Ocala is a campus of Grace Church of Sebring and the team in Sebring has been working hard for years to help us become an established and healthy congregation. This year we will be taking responsibility for paying for our insurance, a cost that Sebring has been covering for the last several years. They have also recommended that we give Pastor Michael a pay increase as a cost of living adjustment. Both of these changes are reflected in the following proposed document.

The Sebring team takes care of many of our administrative needs and their elders include us in their budget which includes their congregation, a daycare ministry called Kid City and revitalizing another congregation in Lakeland, FL. You can view the whole budget proposal (with items related to our Ocala campus highlighted in green) below. The information is the same between these two documents.

Pastor Michael and Ryan will be travelling to Sebring December 16 where these budget proposals will be open for discussion and affirmation. If you have any questions please email office@ocalagrace.org.