What was the point of the sermon on Sunday? It hasn't even been a week, yet. Do you remember the main idea? We really struggle to remember word-for-word the truths that God shares with us through sermons. 

Now finish this line, "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..."

You know this. Word. For. Word. "...that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see." Music has a way of touching a deep part of our soul. Songs have a way of burrowing themselves in our heart. I don't mean to devalue sermons or put them in opposition to songs, but I do want to highlight the immense teaching value of singing together.

The songs that we sing as a church family are incredibly important. The truths that they teach us live with us. The language they use can frame how we express ourselves to God. If our songs are not true or have an skewed perspective then we may be unknowingly led away from the deepest relationship with God.

The songs we sing are important and a lot of thought and prayer goes into choosing them. They are useful outside of our gatherings too, and I want you to have access to them in your personal worship times. I've made a Spotify Playlist of many of the songs we sing. By signing up for Spotify you can listen to these songs as often as you want at no cost. That's right, you can listen indefinitely FOR FREE. Sign up, subscribe to the playlist so that you can always find it and share it with your friends and family.

Click here to listen.