Eavesdropping on God (John 17)

Break the Dawn, Episode 3

Deep relationships are modeled on God's own mutual generosity.



  • What does Jesus ask for?

    • Jesus and the Father in the World (vv 1-5)

      • Jesus’ request is for glory based on the completion of His mission

      • GLORY?

      • I’ve done what You sent me to do with what You gave me to do it

      • REstore the glory I left behind to do that mission (v5)

      • “Glorify your son that your son may glorify you.” (v1)

    • Jesus and the Disciples (vv 6-19)

      • Jesus asks that His disciples will persevere in unity (v11)

      • The disciples can overhear this prayer in order that they may have fulfilled joy (v13)

      • Jesus asks that His disciples be sanctified in Truth (the Word of God, v17)

    • Jesus and the Church (20-26)

      • Jesus asks that the Church will be divinely unified

      • Jesus’ desire is for us to be with Him (Us with God)

  • What does Jesus get?

    • If we ask in Jesus’ name, it is given ([14:14] 15:16; 16:23)

    • Notice the MUTUAL GENEROSITY between Jesus and the Father

    • Jesus gets what He asks for:

      • Glory in crucifixion

      • Perseverance in unity (despite appearances)

      • Followers with Him in heaven (might not be what we like to imagine)

  • Why is this hard?

    • Eternal life = knowing the Father = belief in Jesus

    • Father/Son relationship

    • Husband/wife relationship

      • Marriage is not eternal

      • points to unity with God

    • This is hard because mutual generosity requires two mutually generous people

      • This requires trust

      • We get hurt when not reciprocated

Do you trust Jesus?

Are you trusting His followers?