Break the Dawn (John 18)

Break the Dawn, Episode 4

Jesus is God even in our most fearful moments.



Review-chapters 13-18 are one all-nighter

  • Jesus Is God (vv 1-12)

    • “I AM”--Common English Bible [CEB] ego eimi

    • Jesus keeps His promise--He can because of who He is

    • I’ll drink the cup--judgement [Ps 75, Isa, Jer, Hab, Ezek]

  • In our most fearful moments (vv 13-27)

    • When we can hide (13-18)

      • “I am not” ouk eimi

      • Comfortable

    • When we can’t hide (19-27)

      • High Priest?

      • Penultimate Wisdom

      • The rooster crowed, we’re at the Break of Dawn

        • Increasing Revelation, increasing light, increasing growth

        • Kingdom is “inverted”

        • Peter vs Judas Iscariot

          • Denial<Betrayal?

          • Denial+Antithesis=Antichrist

          • This is chapter 3 of ?? in his life

  • Conclusion

    • Are you afraid? What chapter are you in?

    • How do you treat people who at this time are hostile to God?

    • Do you have insurmountable doubts?

      • Walk with you-membership class

      • Don’t stop seeking-“Lord, I find You…”