The Faithful Gospel (Galatians 3)

Jesus+, Week 3

Faith has always been the key ingredient in justification.

I. Empowerment Principle (3:1-5)
II. Tried & True Principle (3:6-9)
III. Problem Principle (3:10-14)
IV. Building Blocks Principle (3:15-18)
V. Illustration Principle (3:19-27)

Why do you care?

  • Without faith in Christ all the works in the world are meaningless.

  • Justification comes with an empowerment of the Holy Spirit, trust and follow Him.

  • God’s plan for the salvation of the world was declared publicly at the fall. Everything since has proven His plan is true and trustworthy.

  • God loves the world He created so much He would allow His son to be a living illustration for all to see.