The Fruitful Gospel (Galatians 5)

Jesus+, Week 5

The free in Christ are now capable of pleasing God by walking with the Spirit.

I. One Final Atonement Thought (5:1-12)
II. Freedom Principle (5:13)
III. Brady Bunch Principle (5:14-15)
IV. Opposition Principle (5:16-17)
V. Training Wheels Principle (5:18)
VI. Deeds of the Flesh (5:19-21)
VII. Fruit of the Spirit (5:22-23)
VIII. Diet and Exercise Principle (5:24-26)

Why do you care?

  • You are now free to please the God that created you because the bondage of sin is gone
  • Part of pleasing Him is loving the Church that He died for
  • Understand there is a war with the fleshly desires of your body and the walk He has called you to
  • He is greater than the desires you have, trust Him
  • Practice the loving actions He has called you to