Time-tested, life-giving (1 Peter 1)

Sojourn, Week 1

Hopefully follow the time-tested, life-giving Shepherd.

I. Our hope is in our time-tested Shepherd (1:1-2)
II. Our hope is alive in our life-giving Shepherd (1:3-12)

1. Jesus has given us new life for His glory (1:3-5)
2. Our hope in the future allows us to be joyous in the face of trials (1:6-9)
3. We have a great privilege because of our historical context (1:10-12)

III. Our hope is alive in our life-giving Shepherd (1:3-12)

1. Our shepherd is holy (1:13-21)
2. Our shepherd is loving (1:22-2:3)

So what?

  • Trust the Shepherd to follow the Shepherd
  • Use your hope of a guaranteed inheritance as motivation for living day-to-day
  • Cooperate with God to be holy like Him in an unholy world
  • Connect with a church in a meaningful way
  • If your love for other people doesn’t stem from God’s holiness then you’re probably doing it wrong