Break the Dawn

Break the Dawn (John 18)

Break the Dawn, Episode 4

Jesus is God even in our most fearful moments.



Review-chapters 13-18 are one all-nighter

  • Jesus Is God (vv 1-12)

    • “I AM”--Common English Bible [CEB] ego eimi

    • Jesus keeps His promise--He can because of who He is

    • I’ll drink the cup--judgement [Ps 75, Isa, Jer, Hab, Ezek]

  • In our most fearful moments (vv 13-27)

    • When we can hide (13-18)

      • “I am not” ouk eimi

      • Comfortable

    • When we can’t hide (19-27)

      • High Priest?

      • Penultimate Wisdom

      • The rooster crowed, we’re at the Break of Dawn

        • Increasing Revelation, increasing light, increasing growth

        • Kingdom is “inverted”

        • Peter vs Judas Iscariot

          • Denial<Betrayal?

          • Denial+Antithesis=Antichrist

          • This is chapter 3 of ?? in his life

  • Conclusion

    • Are you afraid? What chapter are you in?

    • How do you treat people who at this time are hostile to God?

    • Do you have insurmountable doubts?

      • Walk with you-membership class

      • Don’t stop seeking-“Lord, I find You…”


Eavesdropping on God (John 17)

Break the Dawn, Episode 3

Deep relationships are modeled on God's own mutual generosity.



  • What does Jesus ask for?

    • Jesus and the Father in the World (vv 1-5)

      • Jesus’ request is for glory based on the completion of His mission

      • GLORY?

      • I’ve done what You sent me to do with what You gave me to do it

      • REstore the glory I left behind to do that mission (v5)

      • “Glorify your son that your son may glorify you.” (v1)

    • Jesus and the Disciples (vv 6-19)

      • Jesus asks that His disciples will persevere in unity (v11)

      • The disciples can overhear this prayer in order that they may have fulfilled joy (v13)

      • Jesus asks that His disciples be sanctified in Truth (the Word of God, v17)

    • Jesus and the Church (20-26)

      • Jesus asks that the Church will be divinely unified

      • Jesus’ desire is for us to be with Him (Us with God)

  • What does Jesus get?

    • If we ask in Jesus’ name, it is given ([14:14] 15:16; 16:23)

    • Notice the MUTUAL GENEROSITY between Jesus and the Father

    • Jesus gets what He asks for:

      • Glory in crucifixion

      • Perseverance in unity (despite appearances)

      • Followers with Him in heaven (might not be what we like to imagine)

  • Why is this hard?

    • Eternal life = knowing the Father = belief in Jesus

    • Father/Son relationship

    • Husband/wife relationship

      • Marriage is not eternal

      • points to unity with God

    • This is hard because mutual generosity requires two mutually generous people

      • This requires trust

      • We get hurt when not reciprocated

Do you trust Jesus?

Are you trusting His followers?


Joy and Glory (John 15)

Break the Dawn, Episode 2

We cultivate lasting joy by truly loving.



  • We are cultivated by God to be fruitful (vv 1-9)

    • Vine Growth is crazy--everybody gets cut (v2)

    • What is Pruning--fruit for the vinedresser is glory for the vinedresser (v8)

    • Heat is useful!

      • Abiding indicates a life-giving relationship (discipleship, love, vv 8-9)

      • Loose association does not give life (vv 2 and 6)

  • We cultivate joy by truly loving (vv 9-17)

    • How to abide? Commandment--“love as I have loved you.” (vv 10, 12, 14)

      • Lay down His life (v13)

      • Servants to friends (v15)--sharing plans

      • Friends & enemies

    • I will do it (14:14), it will be done (15:7), He will do it (15:16)

    • Fruit of cultivation is JOY! (v11)

  • We are helped to cultivate a lasting harvest(vv 18-16:4a)

    • Fruit of discipleship is hatred

      • The world is condemned because we follow Jesus (vv 22 & 24)

      • There is no room for middle ground (v 23)

    • The Helper cultivates lasting fruit

      • Joy

      • Witness

    • Don’t be surprised (16:4)

  • What is expected?

    • We love Jesus--body/vine

    • We love one another

    • We are opposed


Belief for the Troubled Heart (John 14)

Break the Dawn, Episode 1

In our distress we must actively believe Jesus.



  • We must trust that Jesus can because of who He is (vv 1-14)

    • Jesus Can Prepare our Future (vv 1-7)

      • because He is the Way

    • Jesus Can Prove His Father (vv 8-11)

      • because He is His Father’s instrument

    • Jesus Can Provide what we ask (vv 12-14)

      • because He is God

  • We must trust that Jesus cares because of who He sends (vv 15-30)

    • Jesus cares about our life (vv 15-21)

      • because He sends a forever Helper

    • Jesus cares about our instruction (vv 22-26)

      • because He sends a teacher

    • Jesus cares about our doubt (vv 27-30)

      • because He gives us what we need beforehand

  • What does He ask of us? (Balance Beam)

    • v1 “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”

    • v11 “Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me”

    • v15 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

    • V31 “Rise, let us go from here.”