Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5)

Sojourn, Week 5

We must humbly follow the Shepherd while opposing a deadly enemy.

  • Shepherding the Chief Shepherd’s Flock (5:1-4)
  • Humility in the Chief Shepherd’s Flock (5:5-7)

  • Enemy of the Chief Shepherd’s Flock (5:8-9)

  • Chief Shepherd's Promises to His Flock (5:10-11)

  • Flock: Stand Firm Behind the Chief Shepherd (5:12)

  • Stand with other Flocks of the Chief Shepherd (5:13)

  • Love the Flock the Chief Shepherd Loves (5:14)

Togetherness (1 Peter 4)

Sojourn, Week 4

The Shepherd is glorified by a loving flock going through trials together.

Response Principle (4:1-2)
Meant To Live Principle (4:3-6)
Employment Principle (4:7-11)
Clarity Principle (4:12-16)
Trust Principle (4:17-19)

Why do you care?

  • You cannot be in the flock without first responding to God’s call.
  • You were called by God to live for Him not your own lusts and desires.
  • He has given you the ability to serve His flock in a powerful way.
  • He reveals Himself to the world in the way His people respond to suffering.

Sheep Suffering (1 Peter 2)

Sojourn, Week 2

"Worship your Shepherd by suffering for what is right."

I. God’s flock is built on Christ for worship (2:4-10)

A. Built as a temple (vv 4-8)
B. Built as a priesthood (vv 8-10)

II. God’s flock is freed from sin for righteousness (2:11-25)

A. Walking honorably (vv 11-12)
B. In submission to governing authorities (vv 13-17)
C. Suffering following Christ’s example (vv 18-25)

So what?

  • Be built together with other believers to offer spiritual sacrifices (we’re all priests)
  • Do not be surprised when people talk poorly about you
  • Keep your living hope for a imperishable inheritance to live in a way that will silence mockers
  • Trust God’s ultimate authority and submit to those invested with some of it temporarily

Time-tested, life-giving (1 Peter 1)

Sojourn, Week 1

Hopefully follow the time-tested, life-giving Shepherd.

I. Our hope is in our time-tested Shepherd (1:1-2)
II. Our hope is alive in our life-giving Shepherd (1:3-12)

1. Jesus has given us new life for His glory (1:3-5)
2. Our hope in the future allows us to be joyous in the face of trials (1:6-9)
3. We have a great privilege because of our historical context (1:10-12)

III. Our hope is alive in our life-giving Shepherd (1:3-12)

1. Our shepherd is holy (1:13-21)
2. Our shepherd is loving (1:22-2:3)

So what?

  • Trust the Shepherd to follow the Shepherd
  • Use your hope of a guaranteed inheritance as motivation for living day-to-day
  • Cooperate with God to be holy like Him in an unholy world
  • Connect with a church in a meaningful way
  • If your love for other people doesn’t stem from God’s holiness then you’re probably doing it wrong